2017 AAU Texas State Qualifier Results

The AAU Texas State Qualifier was held on April 8th, and Team NTA earned 38 medals – Gold = 15, Silver = 10, Bronze = 13. We added 15 new state champions! This tournament was the qualifier for the AAU National Tournament which takes place in Fort Lauderdale in July.

Kara Hurd – 1st
Allie Johnson – 2nd
Gavin Brown – 1st
Matthew Darby – 3rd
Vinnie Stiles – 2nd
Abby Emberson – 3rd
Ciara Stiles – 1st
Sneha Algole – 3rd
Shreya Algole – 3rd
Kyle Ganim – 3rd
Ethan Svitak – 3rd
Max Wrobel – 1st
Ricky Hernandez – 2nd
Jake Emberson – 3rd

Kara Hurd – 1st
Blake Glenn – 1st
Allie Johnson – 3rd
Matthew Darby – 1st
Vinnie Stiles – 1st
Abby Emberson – 3rd
Ciara Stiles – 2nd
Aaron Kuang – 3rd
Max Wrobel – 3rd
Ricky Hernandez – 2nd
Jake Emberson – DNP

Allie Johnson & Vinnie Stiles – 3rd
Blake Glenn – 1st
Gavin Brown – 1st
Sneha Algole – 2nd
Shreya Algole – 1st
Kyle Ganim – 2nd
Aaron Kuang – 1st
Ricky Hernandez – 1st

Aaron Kuang – 2nd

Ethan Svitak – 1st
Aaron Kuang – 2nd

Aaron Kuang – 2nd

Allie Johnson – 1st

2017 USAT State Championships

Team NTA competed at the 2017 USAT State Championship Tournament on March 18, and brought home 6 medals for sparring – 4 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze. We added 4 new state champions, and one student brought home an academic achievement award for maintaining straight A’s for the year. We are proud of our competitors for all of their hard work and dedication!

Back Row:
Allie Johnson: Sparring – 2nd, Academic Achievement Award
Gavin Brown: Sparring – 1st (State Champion)
Vinnie Stiles: Sparring – 1st (State Champion)
Master Chris Adamson

Front Row:
Max Wrobel: Sparring – 1st (State Champion)
Abby Emberson: Sparring – 1st (State Champion)
Jake Emberson: Sparring – 3rd

2017 Dallas International Tournament Results


Team NTA competed at the Dallas International Taekwondo Tournament on February 11, and brought home 14 medals for forms and sparring – 3 gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze. We’re proud of our students for fighting hard against some tough local and international teams.

Back Row:
Ciara Stiles: Forms – 3rd, Sparring – 2nd
Hannah McCarson: Sparring – 3rd
Gavin Brown: Sparring – 3rd
Vinnie Stiles: Forms – 1st, Sparring – 1st

Front Row:
Jake Emberson: Forms – 1st, Sparring – 3rd
Abby Emberson: Forms – 3rd
Gage Godfrey: Sparring – 3rd
Max Wrobel: Forms – 2nd, Sparring – 3rd

Not Pictured:
Allie Johnson: Forms – 2nd, Sparring – 2nd

Santa Claus is Coming to NTA Frisco!

Mark your calendars! On November 19th, from 3:00 to 5:00pm, Santa Claus is visiting NTA Taekwondo Frisco. Avoid the lines, and get FREE photos with Santa. Master Chris will have his camera set up to take photos of families and students, or you can bring your own camera if you’d like. The signup sheet is at the front desk, and time slots are already filling up!

Team NTA Fort Worth Tournament Results

Team NTA Fort Worth Tournament Results

It was a great start to the tournament season, as several members of Team NTA attended the 36th Annual Fort Worth International Taekwondo Championships in October. Our students earned a total of 19 medals in sparring, forms and board breaking, and the school earned a trophy for “Best School”.

Back Row:
Master Chris Adamson
Vinnie Stiles: Sparring – 1st, Forms – 2nd
Allie Johnson: Forms – 1st
Gavin Brown: Sparring – 2nd
Kara Hurd: Sparring – 1st, Forms – 1st
Zach Statzer (Coach)

Middle Row:
Alexia Stavrov: Sparring – 2nd
Abby Emberson: Sparring – 1st, Forms – 2nd
Kyle Ganim: Sparring – 3rd

Front Row:
Ricky Hernandez: 
Sparring – 3rd
Max Wrobel: Sparring – 1st, Breaking – 2nd
Atharva Kulkarni: Sparring – 2nd, Forms – 1st
Jake Emberson: Sparring – 3rd


Not pictured:
Aaron Kuang: Form – 1st, Breaking – 1st, Weapons – 1st