It was a great start to the tournament season, as several members of Team NTA attended the 36th Annual Fort Worth International Taekwondo Championships in October. Our students earned a total of 19 medals in sparring, forms and board breaking, and the school earned a trophy for “Best School”.

Back Row:
Master Chris Adamson
Vinnie Stiles: Sparring – 1st, Forms – 2nd
Allie Johnson: Forms – 1st
Gavin Brown: Sparring – 2nd
Kara Hurd: Sparring – 1st, Forms – 1st
Zach Statzer (Coach)

Middle Row:
Alexia Stavrov: Sparring – 2nd
Abby Emberson: Sparring – 1st, Forms – 2nd
Kyle Ganim: Sparring – 3rd

Front Row:
Ricky Hernandez: 
Sparring – 3rd
Max Wrobel: Sparring – 1st, Breaking – 2nd
Atharva Kulkarni: Sparring – 2nd, Forms – 1st
Jake Emberson: Sparring – 3rd


Not pictured:
Aaron Kuang: Form – 1st, Breaking – 1st, Weapons – 1st